My Visit to H+M

This grand landmark building’s interior hosts crisp white walls, a breathtaking three-story-high ceiling surrounded by Victorian-era arches, and now plays house to high-fashion merchandise poking out of every nook and cranny. Yes, nothing like a day spent at Swedish Brand H&M’s new home in the GPO Melbourne. Or is there…?

I arrived to the store on Thursday – my nerves full of excitement and my wallet full of birthday money “to save for my future” (future sales!?). I am drawn to shopping for experience over necessity, so how could I miss an opportunity to visit H&M? However as I strut through the doors for my grand entrance, I found my nerves rising and my excitement fading as I hit a wall of people. I found myself wishing I was a few inches taller as I pushed through the crowd of torsos, finally reaching the first collection of Coat’s I saw. Not the highlight of my day.
Throughout my journey through the maze of bodies and clothes, I saw and adored the hints of fur, sweaters, monochrome and pastels that flooded the clothing racks and were held tightly in arms of shoppers. I had accumulated my own pile of merchandise to fiercely protect as I finally muscled my way to the change room line, surrounded by the now familiar buzz of whispers of “sorry” “excuse me” and even the occasional death-stare (and who said shopping wasn’t a competitive sport?).  It took forty minutes until I was ushered into a spare change room, and finally picked my gorgeous purchases that only cost me $74.85au all together! I was then very eager to leave.

Admittedly H&M Melbourne can be excused for its cramped and unkind atmosphere due to its Grand Opening only occurring last month. And I definitely left excited about all the incredible chic bargains folded neatly in my bag.  However I was definitely left stripped of my energy and eagerness at the hands of ruthless retailers.
Oh well, nothing that a little retail therapy can’t fix!

Bag - $29.95
Shirt - $27.95
Knit - $16.95
(top photo is not mine)

Love you lots

What I Bought / Wardrobe update

I am so excited to share with you all my crazy and much needed wardrobe splurge. Since getting my debit card it has been hard for me to not shop online especially with all these Easter sales. This splurge came to $270 I am so happy and with my birthday coming up in less than a weeks time I needed to spoil myself and get a few outfit options!

I am definitely the type of girl who can't get enough of her staple pieces, I love being able to wear them in different ways dressing them up or down. Missguided, Cotton on and Dotti have great staple pieces for amazing prices and I loved sifting through their online stores grabbing amazing bargins.

Honestly can't wait for it all to get delivered and post my first "what i wore" post.

Here is where i purchased everything:

Leather Jacket - She Inside 
Mint Dress - Missguided 
Plain Tee's - Dotti 
Ankle boot - Cotton on 
Black Jumpsuit - Missguided 
Red Midi Skirt - Cotton On 
Sunglasses - Cotton On 
Leather Jeans - Dotti
Slip ons - Dotti 
Rose Red Jacket - She Inside 
Black Flats - Cotton On

Lots of love 


Let’s start off by saying Hey, my name is Isobella I’m 19 years old and live in Adelaide, Australia. I am half Serbian and half South African with a love for all things fashion. I decided to create Sincerely Bella (with a lot of persuading from family and friends) a hedonistic look at fashion finds, musings, inspirations, lifestyle and much more.

I work as a stylist and social media/marketing manager for Indy C an Australian based online store so you could say my world is surrounded by fashion. I am a sucker for staple pieces and bold accessories and cannot pass down a good sale. I recently got myself a debit card and have fallen in love with the world of online shopping I refuse to leave my bedroom and enter a shopping centre now.

I hope you all enjoy Sincerely Bella as much as I will.

Lots of Love